Camping Fees

Charges are per night

Club MembersĀ – free

Non-members (Adult)

Non-members (Child, 5 – 18 years)

You can use this form to make a booking.

Camping Terms & Conditions

  1. Overnight camping must only be in the marked camp sites.
  2. All camp site bookings are to be made via the the Club Captain
  3. Last minute overnight bookings are acceptable provided spaces are available, and the Camp Coordinator has been notified by email
  4. Preference will always be given to club members, and bookings made in advance. The Camping Coordinator has the right to decline the allocation of camp sites for guests of members.
  5. An adult member must be present.
  6. Guests must be accompanied by member campers, unless prior arrangements have been made and approval has been given by the Brooklyn Ski Club Committee.
  7. Camp site occupants are responsible for ensuring the club house and grounds are kept clean and tidy and that their camping activities do not interfere or adversely impact on other club members.
  8. The Camping Coordinator with the agreement of the Club President, or any two members of the Brooklyn Ski Club Committee can immediately terminate a camp site booking if it is determined that that the behaviour or actions of any camper(s) has been inappropriate and / or unacceptable.
  9. The Brooklyn Ski Club Committee may decide from time to time that camping for club events is free.
  10. No camping is permitted in the club building.